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JH Logistics will prepare the documentation and make all arrangements for your shipment from beginning to end.

Trucking Services and Inland Transportation

JH Logistics provides Trucking Services and Inland Transportation throughout the United States and Canada. We will provide the best solution for your shipping needs within the time frame and budget you require. We provide multiple options for Full Truckload Service and Less-than-Truckload Service, and Rail Freight throughout the USA.

FTL (Full Truckload Shipping) or FCL (FULL CONTAINER LOAD)

JH Logistics offers FTL(or FCL) shipping services. FTL shipments are normally larger than 15,000 lbs. and less than 45,000 lbs and typically travel as single shipment in a trailer. FTL shipments can go on common carriers or with independent trucking companies. The pricing for FTL shipping is based on a rate per mile cost with a minimum charge per load

LTL (Less than Truckload Shipping) or LCL (LESS THAN CONTAINER LOAD)

JH Logistics offers LTL shipping services. LTL shipments travel on the same truck as other shipments and are commonly handled by common carriers. There are numerous important things to consider with LTL shipments. Let our shipping experts assist you in determining the best solution for your LTL shipping needs.

Rail Transport

JH Logistics offers rail freight throughout the USA. Rail transport service is like full truckload, door-to-door service. A rail container is delivered by truck to the shipper's dock for loading. Once loaded, the container is picked up and transported by truck to the nearest rail service center. The shipment travels via rail to the closest rail ramp, where the rail container is transferred to a truck and taken to the final destination.

Special Cargo

Special Cargo